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Terry’s Cars offer competitive rates on our journeys.  Our fares are below.

Mileage Tariff 1
Minimum Fare (or first 0.4 Miles) £3.20
Every 95.4006 metres (104 yards) or incomplete part thereof, after first 0.4 miles £0.10
Waiting Time
Every 1 minute or incomplete part thereof £0.30
Mileage Tariff 2
Hirings between 11pm and 6am, Sundays and Public Holidays (except those stated below) 50% extra (one and half times) Mileage Tariff 1
Hirings between 6pm and 11pm on Christmas Eve (24th December) and New Year’s Eve (31 December)
Mileage Tariff 3
Hirings between 11pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and 6am the day succeeding Boxing day (27th December) and New Year’s Day (2nd January) 100% extra (double) Mileage Tariff 1
Soiling Fee
When vehicle is soiled and required to be taken out of service for valeting £30.00
Carriage of 5 or more persons
Vehicles licensed to carry 5 or more passengers when 5 or more passengers are travelling Mileage Tariff 2
Journeys between 11pm and 6am when 5 or more passengers travelling Mileage Tariff 3
4 or less passengers travelling Mileage Tariff 1


  • 0.4 Miles equivalent to 704 yards or 643.7 metres
  • Hiring covering two tariff periods may be charged proportionately according to time or distance in each tariff period.
  • These are the maximum fares allowed.  A lesser fare may be negotiated at the discretion of the owner/driver

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